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Model Description
Capacity Swing over bed
Swing over cross slide
(Full length)
Swing over cross slide
(Half length)
Center height
Distance between center
Bed width
Spindle Speed/Bore/Nose
Turret Turret
Tool Size
X/Z axis travel
Standard (Half length)
cross slide
X/Z axis travel
(Full length) cross slide
X axis rapid travel ,Ball
screw dia.
Z axis rapid travel ,Ball
screw dia. 5M / min 3~5M (Ø 80 mm) 5~6M (Ø100 mm) 7~12M (Rack & Pinion Driver)
Tailstock- Tailstock quill diameter
Tailstock -quill travel
Tailstock Center
Motor X axis servo motor
Z axis servo motor
Spindle motor
Coolant pump motor
Hydraulic pump motor
Machine weight, 3000mm center distance

Each extra 1000 mm

*The Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Fanuc control, motor & 6" spindle bore (FA), 9" (FB)
Spindle oil chiller
H4 or V8 hydraulic turret
Auto coolant, hydraulic & lubrication system
Splash guard
Center, MT6 for tailstock
Work light
Hydraulic tailstock with rotating quill
Chip conveyors (chain type for front & rear)
Extra spindle bore, motor & speeds
Chuck, Rear chuck adapter & Face plate
C axis or spindle 5° indexing or 15° orientation
Driving tool turret
Driving toolholders
Special boring bar toolholder
Higher coolant pressure
Twin turret
Tool presetter
Other controller
Transformer (power supply except 220V)
Steady rest & follow rest (Capacity, Hydraulic or Manual)
Heavy duty milling attachment
Y axis (with heavy duty milling attachment)
Grinding head on turret or cross slide
CE mark
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